CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 7


As you may well know, golf is a sport the CTBC International Academy encourages students to learn and practice. Being a golfer myself (HDCP 15) I was intrigued to discover the emphasis the school placed on golf. By definition, golf is a sport, but when we think of the word sport, golf doesn’t always come to mind. For some, maybe a team game like football, or a physically demanding sport such as tennis is their first inkling. Golf is neither a team game or physically demanding, so why do we want students to learn it?

Golf is taught for it’s implications. By teaching golf you are also teaching patience, strategy, and awareness. Great golfers know how to control their emotions; not allowing themselves to sink too low after a bad shot, or rise too high after a great one. Golf teaches respect. Golf is an incredibly old game, and as many years as it has been around, the importance of upholding golf etiquette has never wavered. Practicing these values is almost as important as shooting a low score, the foundation of what golf was built on: respect for the players, the course and most of all, yourself.

As old as golf is, it is always a welcoming sight to see young students practice and excel at the game. Even more so on the professional level, young players such as Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth to name a few, are taking over the game in waves. I had a chance to sit down with two of our very own young golfers here at CIA Academy and talk golf. Introducing Bill and Molly…
When was your first exposure to golf?

B: “When I was 12, my Dad would take me to the driving range and I would watch him practice.”

M: “When I was in Junior High, my Mom and her friends would play, and sometimes they would take me them to the driving range.”

What is your favourite course?

B: “Classic Country Club, Palm Desert, California. When I lived in California, it was my home course.”

M: “Hsinyi in Kaohsiung, it’s also my home course and where I grew up practicing.”

Who is your favourite player?

B: “Justin Thomas”

M: “Paula Creamer”

What is your go to club?

B: “Putter”

M: “Driver”

How often do you practice?

B: “Basically everyday.”

M: “Yeah, same. Almost everyday.”

What is your lowest score?

B: “70 when I played a round in Hainan, China.”

M: “78 at a course in Taichung.”

How many hole-in-one’s?

B: “None!”

M: “None….yet!”

Golf ball of choice?

B: “Taylormade”

M: “Right now it’s Titleist”

If you could choose anyone to be your caddie, who would you pick?

M: “I would choose Bill!”

B: “Haha, then I guess I would choose Molly.”

Tell me about your most memorable round.

B: “For me it would be my first ever round on a real course. It was at Hsinyi and I shot 124.”

M: “Mine is my first competitive golf tournament. I don’t remember my score but it was in Taichung.”


Wishing all the best to these two young, classy athletes! Perhaps one day you’ll see them making more memories doing what they love out on the course. Let’s hope those first hole in one’s come sooner than later.

CIA student_Molly                        Bill

Before conducting the interview, Molly had entered a junior amateur female golf tournament in Tainan at Nanbao golf course. A day after the interview, we learned that Molly had won the tournament! Big congratulations to her, she bested 59 other golfers to take home the top spot with a two-day score of 180. She marked a 93 on her scorecard after the first day, but luckily wound up with the lead. She followed up the next day with a much improved 87. Great job, Molly!

Molly accepts the certificate

Molly’s award certificate