CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 9


Exhibition Rooms

Dedicated rooms will showcase student work and activities.

      Three rooms at CTBC International Academy have recently been designated as special exhibition rooms.  These rooms, located on the second floor of the high school building, will be used to display a broad selection of student achievements, class work, video and audio recordings, and extracurricular activities.  Visitors to the sprawling campus will be able to view these materials to get a clearer idea of the nature of this experimental educational institution.

Work is currently under way as teachers and staff are sourcing display boards and collecting student work.  Some display apparatuses have already been installed, and more will be added throughout the month of November.  Computers have already been brought into the rooms, and they will be connected soon.  The plan is to begin displaying information this month, but the rooms will be works-in-progress with additional materials added during the school year as they become available.


Chinche Cheng, the president of CTBC International Academy declares, “I wish for my students to aim high and to not set limits.  Sacrifice, give 100%, and they can achieve anything.  Under the teachers’ guidance, I want them to study diverse cultures and to learn English well. Then they can have a more international perspective and compete in this globalized world.”

In preparation of exhibition classroom

Fall Scavenger Hunt

High school students to compete in campus-wide race for prize.

The teachers of CTBC International Academy have been busy devising and organizing a late fall scavenger hunt for the students.  Participants will be divided into 6 teams.  They will gather at a common meeting area in the centre of the campus.  Once there, they will be given written or visual clues which will allow them to find the location of the next clue.  A number of rhymes, riddles, and puzzles will eventually lead to the final clue and the prize.  The clues will be hidden all over the large campus, so the participants must be prepared for some running if they want to claim victory.  What the winners receive is being kept under wraps for the moment but promises to be worth the effort.  A spirited competition is expected.


Midterm Exams

Interim testing continues Weeks 9 through 12.

The bane of student existence, exams, just keep on coming for the students at CTBC International Academy.  Last week, they wrote papers in Physics, Algebra I and II, and Biology.  Teacher Jeffrey reports excellent results in the Physics exam.  The students’ math skills are strong overall, but the mixing of English with math apparently caused some difficulties.  However, this overlap of curricula presents a wonderful learning opportunity that students will surely benefit from.  Bill says that he found the exams “not too bad” with Algebra I being the toughest.  Brian thought the exams were “all the same” in difficulty.

This weekend will be spent hitting the books again as next week they tackle exams in their Chinese subjects.  Teacher Ivy explained that her exams will take the form of presentations.  For example, in Chinese Poetry the students will give PowerPoint presentations on selected poems.  They will have to teach the class about the poem and even give a short quiz on it.  Other exams to be dealt with next week include Reading, Creative & Critical Thinking, Contemporary Chinese Literature, and Chinese Classical Novels.

After that, students have little time to rest as the final round of midterm exams will hit them in Week 12.  They will encounter English written tests in Population and the Industrial Revolution, International Culture, World History, Geography Overview, Listening and Speaking, and Reading.

Student Profile: Emma

This week’s student profile features Emma.  This bright and confident sixteen-year-old hails from Hsinchu where she lives with her mother.  She says her favourite subject is Japanese because “I love Japanese culture”.  Emma also enjoys watching Japanese drama in her spare time.