CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 15


New Year’s Holiday

The first long weekend since October provided an extra break from classes at CTBC International Academy. People said goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 in various ways, some noisy and raucous and others much quieter and more intimate.

Definitely the most famous, crowded, and most elaborate celebration took place in the Xinyi District of Taipei, with the signature event being the spectacular fireworks display at Taipei 101. As every year, this shopping and nightlife area of the city was a shoulder-to-shoulder crush of people eager to stake out prime vantage points to take in the atmosphere and midnight light show. The annual festivities get worldwide TV news coverage both for preceding North American and European celebrations and for the scale and impressiveness of the fireworks.

On a smaller scale, most cities around Taiwan offered their own light shows, music, food, and other activities at designated locations. In Tainan City, the celebrations were held at the High Speed Rail Station in the Guiren District. One of the students reported that there were Taiwanese musicians playing and thousands of people turned out.

Many students had quieter evenings at home or dinners with friends or family. Some teens watched movies while others enjoyed the down time with video games. The important thing was that they were bringing in the New Year in their own styles.

The western New Year is observed in Taiwan with various celebrations and a national holiday on January 1. The main holiday for Taiwanese, Chinese New Year, is coming up in February.

End of the Semester Nearing

The short school week beginning January 2 marks the sixteenth week of classes at CTBC International Academy. Final exams and the end of the semester are just around the corner in the eighteenth week, bringing to an end the inaugural term of classes at this new experimental high school. The last two weeks will see students begin preparing for their exams, completing their last assignments, and reviewing material in classes and at home. For students who have missed assignments or classes, there will be some makeup time following the exams. For those who have kept up with the work and have not missed classes, they will receive a well-earned winter break, during which they will get to go home, spend time with family and friends, and of course enjoy that favourite teenage pastime, sleeping.

Parents’ Open House

On Friday, December 29th, CTBC International Academy held an open house for parents. The guests were given tours of the campus including the dormitories, classrooms, and exhibition rooms. Director Chen led the tours, and teachers were on hand to introduce the materials displayed in the exhibition rooms as well as to answer any questions the parents had. The event provided a chance for teachers and parents to meet and for parents to ask questions and offer feedback on operations at the new school. This open house was the first of what will be a monthly occurrence.

The exhibitions rooms are themed rooms where students’ work is displayed including worksheets, projects, posters, as well as audio and video materials. The themes are science, social studies and languages, and sports and art.

Exhibition Classroom – Geography and History

Exhibition Classroom – Social Studies and Languages

Exhibition Classroom – Science