CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 19


First Semester Officially Comes to a Close
The last week of the semester has arrived at CIA. Teachers have been finalizing the students’ performance as well as preparing for next semesters courses while students have been enjoying their holidays. Holidays can be a strange time for students and teachers alike. Everyone loves time off of work, but after a week or so, something strange happens. For some it is more than a week, some less, but the feeling is still there. It’s an incessant boredom, or lack of stimulation that leaves people uneasy and perturbed. Students and teachers have settled into a very nice routine over the last several months; wake up at the same time, have class at the same time, eat meals at the same time, conduct our evening rituals at the same time, and eventually fall asleep at the same time. Now, these routines have been dissolved into a relaxing eat/sleep/wake mishmash without order or structure. For the first little while, this period is amazing. Sleep 12 hours, eat one massive, carb-heavy, cheese loaded meal while watching your favourite TV show, have a nap, eat chocolate, more nap. The days sort of blend together and before you know it, a week has passed. This is where that strange feeling settles in. This guilty feeling that you should be doing something constructive with your time. You used to have a lovely routine, what happened? Well, here are some tips that can help you avoid the ‘holiday funk’.

1. Plan a vacation – searching for flights, hotels, and particular sights you want to see can be a great way to shed boredom. Setting up a coffee date with friends to plan together is even better as it gives you a reason to leave the house.
2. Keep your sleep/wake routine – out of all our routines, these are most important. I know, I know, this means you can’t sleep in or stay out too late. Of course this is okay once in a while, but if you stay true to your alarm, the adjustment period once you’re back in school will be a piece of cake!
3. Pick up a hobby – this is a no-brainer. Your mind is used to waking up and getting a full dose of information in a classroom for 5-6 hours each day. If you just take that away, you will lose some grey matter perkiness. Remedy this by devoting part of your day to a new hobby. This can be anything from learning how to cook, solving crossword puzzles or Sudoku’s, go to yoga class, or maybe start learning about photography. It doesn’t matter, just something to keep the brain occupied. Also, try to not replace hobby time with phone, TV, IPad, etc. time. This can be counterproductive.
4. Exercise – health experts and doctors have been telling us this for decades. Their consensus is undisputedly in favour of at least 30 minutes of intense exercise per day is needed to maintain a healthy body and mind. So get up, dust off those sneakers and get that heart pumpin’.

In terms of interesting events that are occurring over the holiday, one very special and rare phenomenon is the super blue blood black moon on January 31st. It will be super because it is the nearest point in orbit to Earth, blue because it is the second full moon this month, blood because the refraction of light through the earth’s atmosphere makes the moon appear a reddish colour, and black because there will be no full moon in the next month (February). So get out your binoculars and hope for a clear night.

Here’s wishing a joyous, prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year from all of us at CIA!

Make sure you try to avoid the holiday funk

A super blood moon