CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 20


The new semester has begun. Unfortunately An Nan District was added to the Tainan City Government list of areas scheduled to be affected by the water stoppage in late February. This meant that classes on Monday and Tuesday, the 26th and 27th of February, were cancelled. This work was necessary in order to fix and replace ruptured or weakened pipes after the earthquake of February 11th, 2017. All of this was essential work, but the timing wasn’t convenient for the International Academy.

Back to the school.
There have been a few additions to the elective classes from which students can choose to study. A specialist geography class on Africa and another one for Europe. Gender Studies is new on the list also. Space/The Universe makes its first appearance. World History and Life Skills and Management remain on the list. Students have been signing up for their preferred subject. Some students have elected to take all the additional courses. Power to them!

The foreign teachers now have their own classrooms: one classroom has been allotted to one teacher. This has allowed them to decorate and fashion the rooms in a way which they think reflects the courses they teach and the atmosphere they would like to impart to their students. Below are a few examples.

March 1st is St. David’s Day in Wales. Saint David plays an important role in Welsh culture, but little is known about his life. It is believed he lived to be one hundred years old and that he died in 589.

The Welsh people are famous for their singing abilities, a little bit like the aborigines are regarded in Taiwan. A Welshman is immediately recognizable from his accent, which has a sonorous, mellifluous quality to it. It almost sounds as if they are singing when they talk to you.

Saint David was supposed to have been very gentle and physically strong despite eating a frugal diet, which leads me to my final paragraph.

One teacher has remarked on the difference in weight of several students. That same teacher readily admitted that he had also gained several kilograms during the festive period. Family gatherings and feast days can only ever have one result: much reveling and pleasure in sharing good food with good friends and having a good time. Now of course, many people desire to lose those excess grams or kilos, so it’s back to work and back to exercise.

Universe Room

Geography room