CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 24


For the past week, students and teachers have had to put up with the sound of jackhammers and various other construction tools as workers renovate rooms on the second and third floor of the main building. The rooms will be used for an as yet unknown purpose but are apparently in a hurry to be completed. Workers have also been busy in the second high school building. Jackhammers have been heard from there as well, and furniture has been moved in and out for several weeks. Noise from the work has made running classes more difficult.

Campus Run
Students from both the college and high school had a chance to wake up in a different way from the usual on Monday morning. The school held a running competition in which participants had to complete one lap around the perimeter of the campus, totaling about 3 kilometres. Cash prizes were on offer for the top five runners with the winner getting $500NT and the fifth place finisher getting $100NT. Nine students from the high school competed but were shut out of the top five. Well done to all the competitors and congratulations to the winners.

Tomb Sweeping Holiday
After a lengthy winter holiday, students at CTBC International Academy will enjoy a nine-day break from studies after only five weeks of the spring semester. This year, the Taiwan government has decreed that the Tomb Sweeping Holiday will be five days, beginning Wednesday, April 4th. CTBC International Academy and the CTBC Business School will extend the holiday to nine days beginning on March 31st with any missed classes on the 2nd or 3rd being made up during the semester.
Several teachers will take advantage of the break by visiting other Asian countries. Students will also enjoy some travel, both within Taiwan and without.
The Tomb Sweeping Holiday is an important holiday on the lunar calendar. It is meant as a time to pay respect to ancestors by going to burial sites of family members, cleaning the sites, and performing any general maintenance. Many families do the cleaning before the holiday starts as a way to avoid holiday traffic, which can cause trips to graveyards to take much longer than usual.

Monthly Open House
Another open house will take place on Friday, March 31st. The monthly events are an opportunity for parents of current students, parents of prospective students, or others to visit the CTBC International Academy, tour the campus, meet teachers, and view students’ work. The experimental school has drawn interest from around Taiwan for its range of course offerings and non-traditional methods.
Of particular interest to visitors have been the three (now four) exhibition rooms that showcase students’ work as well as thematic displays related to class subject matter. Assignments, projects, presentations, and other work can all be found there.

Renovations in CIA Building

A running competition in CIA campus