CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 25


On Tuesday, March 20th, an enthusiastic group of students arrived to the CTBC International Academy ready to learn and explore a potentially new partnership. These students are from the Liberal Arts Institute in Taipei; an institution that applies a very holistic, broad approach to learning which focuses on a student’s preparation for University. The students from this school communicate very effectively and have been applying their strengths to overcome challenges in a school designed for them to bring out their best.

CIA Academy and L.A.I. are negotiating a partnership which will see L.A.I. students come to the CIA campus to learn more science and math topics. Students from the L.A.I. will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many resources available here at CIA. The L.A.I. offers a comprehensive curriculum for students who want to study language and the arts. The CIA campus could help these students supplement their current classes with extra biology, physics, chemistry, algebra and geometry classes. Not only that, but the students could also utilize the many sport facilities found on the CIA campus.

Students, teachers and parents for the L.A.I. were welcomed by our principal and director before having an introductory presentation given by the CIA math and science teacher, Jeff. After the short presentation, parents and teachers took a tour of the rest of the school while the senior students stayed and had a math lesson with the CIA students in their Algebra II course. The students mingled and solved some problems based on quadratic functions and equations. They all rejoined in the cafeteria for lunch provided by the new chef. After lunch, teachers and parents went to the display classrooms on the second floor to get a feel for the types of activities the students partake in on any given day while the students enjoyed a practice session out on the driving range.

Hopefully it was the beginning of a beneficial and successful partnership between these two like-minded institutions.

Teacher Jeff giving an introduction to the CIA for the guests

Parents, teachers and students learning about the activities and projects students complete her at CIA

Everyone enjoying the delicious lunch provided by the new in-house chef in the cafeteria

A L.A.I. team photo in the center of the CIA