CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 1


Welcome back, everyone! After a very exciting summer vacation full of excursions abroad, relaxing nights on the sofa and countless hours in buxibans, our students have returned to CIA to continue their journey towards university. The student roster has doubled in size this year, which means twice the fun and twice the excitement! Many of the new students have experience studying abroad and hence were immersed in a new culture and language. These experiences will undoubtedly add to the vibes and culture the CIA is looking to immerse their students with. Welcome all!

The CIA campus has had quite a makeover too. Odelia, the schools design teacher, along with a construction team have renovated the teacher office into the English Lounge; a comfortable place where students can come and interact with the foreign staff between classes and during their free time. The lounge is equipped with an English library, some chairs and tables, a new iMac, and of course, the English teachers. Students who spend a lot of time reading and chatting in the lounge have a chance to earn extra credit, either towards high school achievement or for admission into the CTBC Business School.

The construction team has also designed a beautiful outdoor space in front of the office. It has some shade and places to sit, perhaps while drinking tea, while you chit chat with a friend or staff member during a beautiful day.

During the first week, the students are busy exploring, settling in and choosing their classes for the semester. The school has an impressive amount of options for students to choose. History, geography, APP design, complex physics and sociology are only a few topics available for students out of a total of 48 classes!

CIA is a one of a kind school that offers students a true taste of western education philosophy in a modern environment. Come by and have a look!

The students enjoy a tour of the new English Lounge

The outside look of the patio in front of the English Lounge

Teacher Ivy introducing her course on language expression to prospective students