CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 3

Mid-Autumn Festival
School is only into the third week and students and faculty of CTBC International Academy will already enjoy a long weekend. Monday, September 24 is the Mid-Autumn Festival, otherwise known as the Moon Festival, and is a national holiday in Taiwan. This holiday was originally famous as a time to view the beauty of the full moon. However, it has also evolved into a time to enjoy barbeque. All around the nation, the intoxicating aromas of grilled meat fill the air for the three days, and people flock to supermarkets to load up on their favourite foods to cook outside. Along with the meat, doctors advise people to also eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit to balance the heavy, salty fare.
One of the new students, Porter, said that he went to Taipei to be with his family. Jessie and Janet went to a classmate’s house where they had a barbeque with seven people in total. They reported that they ate a variety of meat and had a great time.
One unfortunate and totally avoidable aspect of this holiday tradition is the mess that many people leave when finished. In Taipei, families filled the designated areas in parks and along rivers where barbeques are allowed. After spending many happy hours eating and relaxing, numerous groups left all their garbage to spoil and pollute the environment. This selfish, disrespectful, and shameful habit has caused the Taipei government to consider a ban on barbeques in all public areas. The actions (or inactions) of a few may bring to an end this relatively new tradition.

Opening Ceremony
On Thursday, September 20th, CTBC International Academy and CTBC Business School held their annual opening ceremony on the college campus. Following a short speech by Steve, the school president, and introductions of principals, directors, and faculty, everyone was treated to music recitals by students on piano and string instruments. After the music, a number of student presentations were given on various topics.
This is the second year of operation for the high school and the fourth year for the business college. Both institutions are striving to improve each year and so far, they seem on track.

This fall, CIA welcomed 24 new students to the 24 from last year. Several pupils are interested in sports such as golf, tennis, soccer, badminton, and others. Teachers have invited students to participate in some light and social sport in the gymnasium and tennis courts. Interest is already keen and the word is spreading among students that this is a great opportunity to get some exercise, improve skills, and socialize all while practicing English. The teachers of CIA have playing and coaching experience in several sports and welcome the chance to engage in some extra-curricular activities with students.

Opening Ceremony for CTBC International Academy and CTBC Business School

CIA teacher and students sit in English Lounge