CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 4

One thing we like to celebrate here at CTBC is the diversity between students. This school year we are lucky to have many international students in the college. They have taken their time to come to the CIA to talk about their heritage, culture and traditions. The first of several meetings was held last week where students had a chance to introduce themselves and learn about the countries the college students come from. The countries include, The Gambia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Japan and Mexico. Next week, the high school students will take a closer look at Mexico with Chuck.

The first semester is officially underway as the first three trial class weeks have ended. Students have attended and sampled all the classes available to them before they make their choice as to which courses they will take for the next 13 weeks of the semester. During the trial weeks the students were able to get a sneak peek into what each course will cover and the types of assignments they will be responsible for completing. The trial period was also an opportunity for high school students to try some more difficult classes in the college if they were interested.

The students paying attention to a presentation about The Gambia

Students together with the international college students under the new treehouse at the front of the high school