CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 5

The sun is setting after another day at CIA in An Nan, Tainan. Students and teachers are tired from that day’s exertions, but it doesn’t stop them from donning their sports gear and heading to the tennis courts. Two beginners are learning from our Canadian coach who is also a teacher here. Another teacher is playing with some aspiring players who hit the ball easily and with fluency…the kind of fluency we look to create and build, nurture, and develop with all our students.
The environment at CIA is conducive to both academic learning and excellence and also interaction between students and teachers at ground level. Teachers play a variety of sports with many of the students, including tennis, badminton, basketball, and table tennis. Soon board games will be played communally in the Student Affairs Lounge. And what a beautiful lounge it is!
Interior designers have put a great deal of thought into the project, and the outcome is peaceful and attractive to the eye. The main theme is “wood” based. It is classed as “Industrial Style Design” because it combines wood with a metal finish and trim.
Recycled Douglas fir, spruce, and pine adorn the lounge. A distinct aroma of those trees permeates the lounge. A coffee machine grinding fresh beans only adds to the atmosphere.
Students “hang out” there and interact with their teachers on a daily basis. Only English is spoken. The students can pick a book from our on campus/in room library, peruse the custom made booklets providing information for students wishing to study abroad in the future, or pick the teachers’ brains regarding TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT material – all available in the Student Affairs Lounge.

Recently an “International Day” was hosted at the department.
International CTBC Business School college students from South Korea, Mexico, Japan, the Philippines, the Gambia, and Thailand all made presentations on power point, took questions about their homelands, and taught the basics of their own languages.
Each week, students from those countries will perform a more in-depth look at their respective countries’ cultures, languages, and customs. It was a great success and will be repeated on a regular basis. Students and teachers alike had fun mingling with our international students.

CIA teacher and students hang out at English Lounge

International Day was hosted in CIA