CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 7

It’s the seventh week of the school year at CIA and students have been busy with assignments and projects. The students from Jeff’s Listening and Speaking class have been spending the last two classes recording audio files. The subject of the file? Good cop, bad cop. The students acted out roles of good cop, bad cop and suspect in a short role play. The students did an excellent job and the best students have a chance to have their recording played during an advertisement on the ICRT radio station, Taiwan’s only all English radio.

The good cop, bad cop routine is one that many police officers employ to get a suspect to either confess to or divulge important information about a crime. The good cop will reassure the suspect that nothing bad will happen to them if they tell the truth and the bad cop will scare the suspect into trusting the good cop, the whole while, the good cop will knowingly not fulfill the promises made during the interrogation. It is a very successful strategy. Bringing it into an English class can allow students to role play; quiet and shy students have a chance to release some frustrations by being the bad cop and other students who want to work on tones and enunciating words can practice being the good cop. The suspect can work on making excuses; a very useful skill to have in English.

In other classes, students have been studying the basics of dynamics in physics. The students did a small experiment that investigates the implications of Newton’s Laws. The experiment takes a closer look at the relationship between a force and the amount of mass it is applied to. Students discovered throughout the experiment that a force always has an equal and opposite force (Newton’s 3rd law). An object either likes to remain still, or in motion unless it is acted upon by a force (Newton’s first law). And finally, the students looked the proportional or inverse relationship between an object’s acceleration, mass and the resultant force (Newton’s second law). In the upcoming weeks, students will apply this knowledge to energy and momentum.

Student in biology class are enlarging the process of meiosis! Tasked with a specific phase of meiosis, the students will be bringing thing to human scale and posting the intricate process to a whiteboard in the science and math display classroom. This activity combines life processes and art together!

Cindy, Molly, Emma and Joanne work steadfastly on their phases of meiosis (prophase and metaphase)

Justin and Porter ponder the greater implications of Sir Newton’s laws