CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 10

CTBC International Academy has a plethora of facilities available to the students. As I’m sure these newsletters have mentioned many times, the students here have a huge advantage over others in terms of opportunities for extracurricular activities. This week, the focus is on the students utilizing the ICRT recording studio for their Listening and Speaking class.

CTBC has a wonderfully talented group of students this year, and with that comes many chances to do challenging, creative and fun assignments. The Listening and Speaking class has been tasked twice already this year with performing a short skit which will then be recorded and possibly used for radio advertisements for the school. The first assignment was to perform a ‘good cop, bad cop routine’. Students took turns being a good cop, bad cop and a criminal. They had to show their questioning abilities in order to make a criminal confess to a crime. The second assignment was to find a crazy, out of this world, ridiculous news article and perform a short news segment about the event.

It was a great success. Performing in the studio is a fantastic way to not only assess the students, but to get them working together as well. The recordings are saved digitally and can be accessed anytime on the cloud. If the students were to ever apply for a job in the field of media or communications, these files could be used for a digital portfolio.

Molly, Selena, Jessie and Janet perform a wonderful good cop bad cop routine

Shanty, Melia, Grace, Lily and Amy recording in the studio