CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 12

Outdoor Sitting Areas
Throughout the past year, CTBC International Academy has been making additions to the areas surrounding the buildings. Several wooden covered sitting areas have been created to provide places for students to congregate, converse, and enjoy some fresh air. The warmth of the wooden structures also serves to soften the environment, which is mostly brick and concrete. Much or all of the design has been done by the design teacher, Odelia.

New Computer Lab
Two rooms on the third floor of CIA have been combined to create a new computer lab, equipped with 48 brand-new computers. The laboratory was quickly completed to be ready for an Artificial Intelligence camp for students from the adjoining CTBC Business School. Now that the camp has finished, how will the lab be used? There are many possibilities.

First, the equipment can hopefully be used by the secondary school students at CIA. Although there are several computer labs already, the equipment is badly outdated. The new computers could be used in the very necessary digital education of the students. As computer technology becomes a more critical aspect of more and more jobs, students need to be not only comfortable but adept with many types of software and applications. The new computer lab can be employed by teachers of many different disciplines for online research or more creative projects.

Second, the lab can be used by the college students to complete work assigned by their professors. Even if most or all students have their own computers, the new ones in the lab will likely be more powerful and the larger screens may be more useful for certain eye-straining work.

Third, the digital equipment can be used for future AI camps. We are on the verge of having computers that can learn, and keeping up with this technology will make students more employable. Not only that, but many students have keen interests in this field, and having access to the very latest computers can give them a valuable opportunity to learn and practice.

In sum, the computers are in place in a very comfortable and well-lit room. It only makes sense to make sure they are used to the best advantage by all students.

Friday Camp
Each Friday at CIA, students do not have regularly scheduled classes. Instead, there are themed camps they can choose to join such as English, sports, or math. Last week’s offering was something for more artistic students. The camp was led by the art teacher and was a chance to learn or practice sewing skills to create a wall hanging. Participants had to lay out their design, and then sew it together. It was an opportunity to learn a useful skill rarely practiced in today’s modern world and to do work that is more creative in nature. Students reported that they enjoyed the activity.

Frank and Porter relax in a shady sitting area

Howard checks out the computer lab

Jessica, Cindy, Lily, and Amy pose with their crafts