CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 13

CIA had a busy week last week. Students had an opportunity to make dumplings in an activity that took place in the schools cafeteria. A dumpling making specialist came to the school and helped the students make pork and vegetable dumplings. They learned how to mix the filling and how to roll and fold the dough to make sure the insides don’t spill out and to have an even thickness of dough. Dumpling experts understand that there is more to a good dumpling than just flavour. Texture, appearance and durability all come into play.

The students also learned a new sport called Wiffle Ball. Whiffle Ball is primarily an American sport that has modified the rules of baseball to make it a more versatile game that can be played anywhere. It also uses a much skinnier bat and a perforated ball that responds much more noticeably to spin. Professional Whiffle Ball players are extremely talented at curving the ball, which makes Whiffle Ball a much more challenging game than meets the eye. There is no base running in Whiffle Ball either, so if you have medium sized field available, it can be used to play Whiffle Ball. Whiffle Ball gets its name from the sound the bat makes as it misses the ball for a strike, as it used to be called a ‘wiff’. No gloves are needed either, which makes it a game everyone can play.

Teacher Henry throws Vivienne a nice underhand pitch

Grace is perfecting her dumpling making craft