CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 15

Information Session
On Tuesday, Dec. 11, CTBC International Academy welcomed Ting Ting, a representative of the United States Education Centre (USEAS) and Great Britain Association for Information Centre (UKEAS). This organization is “an educational consulting firm that provides free and fair counseling and application services to international students wishing to attend secondary schools, colleges and universities in the UK and the US.” In other words, they can make the sometimes daunting process smoother and easier as well as take some of the stress off the students and families with their experience and professional expertise.

Ting Ting presented information to a group of students interested in studying abroad. The information included language requirements, application procedures, timelines, costs, life in various U.S. cities, and more. The teens were keen to learn more about all aspects of life as an overseas student and especially the various choices of schools and locations. After all, studying at a small, private college would be very different from going to a huge state school the size of a small city. Similarly, life in southern California would be vastly different to life in a cold state such as Michigan.

All in all, the students enjoyed an interesting, fact-filled presentation. Hopefully, the session provided extra motivation for them to improve their language ability and to focus on their goals.

On Friday, Dec. 14, the students of CIA hosted a picnic complete with food, a play, and music. The preparations were led by the design teacher, Odelia, and were completed by her students, numbering about a dozen. The teacher and students put in many hours of organizing, practicing the play, making decorations, and cooking food.

The food featured dumplings, rice balls, crispy sweet potato rolls, and a chocolate banana cake with ice cream. Ever-hungry teenagers, some of their parents, and teachers enjoyed the fruits of the students’ labour, happily scarfing down the treats.

Kicking off the afternoon was a play performed by the students and one of the math teachers, Nick, in Chinese. The students and parents both appeared to enjoy the thespian activity, with parents in particular happy to have an opportunity to see their sons and daughters perform.

The picnic coincided with an open house during which parents are welcomed by the school to tour the campus, view student work, and talk to teachers. As the open house was during normal working hours, only a few parents were able to attend, but those who did were able to have a productive session talking with teachers as well as a relaxing time at the picnic afterwards.

CIA sudents listen to a presentation by a UKEAS representative

CIA students prepare food for the picnic