CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 11

On Saturday, 27th, we held an open morning at CIA. Prospective parents and prospective new students for the coming academic year were invited for a tour of the grounds, the classrooms, exhibition rooms, an insight into our teaching philosophy, course design, ground-breaking vision for our students, and the underlying mission of our experimental high school here at CIA.

Teachers, both local and foreign, introduced themselves and there was an open question session when the parents could ask our teachers about the specifics of our course design, the subjects available on our custom designed elective-based curriculum, and any other sundry topics.

We shared ideas, coffee, and some cake and cookies.

After that, we had a short, 30-minute tennis lesson given by our fully accredited tennis coach from Canada. Some of the students had played before, some had never held a tennis racket before. A group of our presently studying students had agreed to stay over the weekend to help out; very nice and generous of them to do so. The prospective students who had played before got together with our current students and played a few games, one of the other foreign teachers joined in too. One was a father and son combination. That’s what it’s all about: building camaraderie and involving the parents in their children’s development both in and out of the classroom.

Teacher Henry explained tennis skill to the students and parents
parents and students paying attention to the introduction