CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 13

Last Thursday, CIA students were treated to a very helpful seminar held by Shorelight Education. “Shorelight provides comprehensive educational services to international students to prepare them for undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States” (https://shorelight.com). With an abundance of post-secondary institutions, America is a desirable destination for many students who wish to pursue higher education. But with thousands of schools to consider, how does young student weigh their options?

Shorelight helps students assess their interests, performance and criteria to filter out schools and handpick a selection from the top 200 universities in the country for them to apply. Shorelight offers unmatched student services and has an abundance of information concerning some of the best institutions the United States has to offer. Shorelight underscored four fantastic schools; the University of Kansas, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of the Pacific and the University of Utah.

Shorelight goes beyond the academic realm by providing information on the experience of university and not just entrance requirements and programs of study. With Shorelight, students get a comprehensive idea of what life would be like in the city they will live, the history, pastimes and culture; all which play a vital role in deciding where to root oneself for four or more years. They understand that there isn’t a such a thing as too much information when choosing your future.

A lot of happy students who seem more relaxed about their decision to study abroad
Here the presenters are looking more closely at one of the highlighted schools, the University of Kansas