CTBC International Academy Newsletter_Week 17

Last week, we had a week-long visit from our sister high school in the Philippines, St. Merriam’s. It is an all-female school. The young women were gregarious, very approachable and had a great time here with us. They saw some of the tourist attractions in Taiwan’s oldest city and went for a night out at a local night market. They even attended some Chinese classes, which they admitted were tough going, but fun.

At lunchtime, the local and foreign teachers and Taiwanese high school students all hung out together, took pictures, chatted about life in general and got to know each other. There were cultural exchanges and there were lots of opportunities to practice and speak English.

In the future, we are looking forward to enhancing and developing our relationship with our sister school.

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, we had more guests. Around 70 junior high school students visited our campus with the aim of experiencing our facilities and meeting with our teachers. We arranged several activities for them during the days they visited.

One such activity was to prepare a short skit. Students paired off and were given a short role-play. These role-play were designed to be amusing. The students were then asked to practice as the foreign teachers walked through the Japanese room and listened attentively to the students, correcting pronunciation when needed and giving encouragement. There was then a quick explanation of tone and pitch in conversational English.

When the students were ready, they filed off two by two to our state-of-the-art ICRT recording studio. One of our Canadian teachers then instructed them what to do and off they went. The students had a great time and were also able to show their parents their audio work – something great to take home and back to their school: a truly unusual experience!

Miriam College girls visiting CTBC International Academy-final
Having a nice chat with culture difference