University of the Pacific visitors

CTBC International Academy was visited by a special group this week.  Representatives from University of the Pacific came to share information about their campus with our students.  University of the Pacific is located in California, United States of America with three campus locations.  One in Stockton, one in San Francisco, and a third in the state’s capital city of Sacramento.  This university offers degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate students from a long list of available majors in its eleven colleges.

One of these eleven colleges is the College of International Studies.  University of the Pacific welcomes international students from all over the world.  The international program offers personalized learning to meet the needs of international students as they navigate through their studies in the United States.

Beyond academics, there are many campus events and programs in which students can participate.  University of the Pacific has numerous committees that put on themed events for certain months.  Campus organizations include student government, homecoming, athletics, arts and culture, religious and spiritual life, wellness, as well as fraternities and sororities.  All campus locations are equipped with several high quality dining halls.  Chefs in the campus kitchens strive to serve the very best fresh, wholesome ingredients to deliver tasty and nutritious food to the faculty and students.

When considering which university to attend after graduating from CIA, students should keep University of the Pacific in mind.  Between the diverse degree programs, rich campus life activities, and state-of-the-art dining facilities, University of the Pacific is a strong contender for any recent high school graduate.

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