Newsletter Week 2

Welcome to the 109 school year at CTBC International Academy! Everyone has spent the first two weeks settling in and getting to know their new classmates. We are so happy to see our returning year two and year three students and even more glad to see that everyone and their families are safe and healthy. We have been very fortunate to add nearly 30 new students to the community as well as one more foreign teacher, Teacher John! Make sure to go see him if you need any dietary advice, as he is an expert when it comes to food that improves your health.

As we have done in school years past, we are very proud to continue to offer the widest selection of courses for our students. Humanities, STEM, and now architecture are some of the topics students can learn. We don’t stop there either; any course that is offered in the college is also available to high school students if their schedules don’t conflict. Another thing the fantastic teaching staff here has added is a counseling period every week. Students who are keen to get a head start on college applications, whether local or abroad, can come and talk with Teacher Ken, Teacher Amanda, or Teacher Jeff for assistance. We actively encourage students to begin planning for their own future while we assist them in creating official and professional applications.

After receiving positive feedback regarding our self-study program, the local staff has decided to begin building the program to suit the needs of a wider variety of students. Earning credits via self-study programs is a fantastic way to pursue interests or passions under the supervision of a professional.

Hopefully, with the addition of many new and eager students, and the policies we envision to strengthen the sense of community at the school, we will have another fun and fruitful school year!

Students read along in the auditorium as they listen to the 109 School Year policies and regulations.
Teacher Jeff makes sure the students fully understand the syllabus and course list.