Our Changing Campus

The appearance of CTBC International Academy is ever-changing, and this year comes with its own brand of changes. One major change to the campus facilities is the addition of a brand new faculty office. Now students have even more opportunities to meet one-on-one with teachers to discuss their interests or concerns in English. Another change that comes along with this year is the addition of more stringent mentor groups. Each student will be assigned to a pair of teachers, one foreign and one local, with whom they will meet and discuss plans or issues regularly. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their mentors Monday through Friday from 8:30-9:00. These sessions will serve a multitude of functions so that the line of communication between teachers and students remains open and clear.

Another change to the face of our scholastic community is the addition of a Junior High School. Junior High School classes are a brand-new addition to the life and experience of CIA students. These students will benefit from a tailor-made curriculum in a fully bilingual setting, wherein they learn the same concepts side-by-side in both English and Mandarin. Classes will include English Language Arts, Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Music Instruments, and Physical Education.
In order to best serve these new students, a system for testing their English proficiency was developed by current CTBC International Academy teachers. Using the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR), teachers developed a placement test to assess the students’ current English level. The results of that assessment were used to create a unique curriculum pathway that aims to help them improve their abilities incrementally as they navigate their way through Junior High and into Senior High. The goal of this system is to help students move up on the CEFR scale every semester that they are at CTBC International Academy.

There have been several events to welcome the new Junior High School students in the last six months. One of these events took place this week. Due to the continuing prevalence of Covid-19, as well as current student living arrangements, this was the first proficiency test to be done remotely through video conference. Remote learning has, unfortunately, become a routine part of students’ lives around the world. This opportunity to attend an interview via video chat and submit documents electronically was just one in many that they will undoubtedly experience over the course of their scholastic careers. We welcome these eager new students with open arms and wish them all a very happy and healthy 2021-2022 school year!

Teacher John and Amanda do a face to face speaking placement test
Teacher John and Amanda conduct student interviews online