Grand Opening Next Week: CTBC International Academy’s Gorgeous New Study Center!!

CTBC International Academy is pleased to announce that next week will mark the grand opening of its state of the art open design student study center.  Located on the fourth floor of CIA in Rm BA 402 the new study center will no doubt attract students from across the campus to help them focus on their studies, collaborate with colleagues, workshop with instructors and provide a relaxed atmosphere within which they can all prepare to realize their full potential through academic excellence.

The 4th Floor Study Center features the latest in open concept design, custom built for the unique experiential and experimental learning program that CIA features.  The tables, chairs and ample shelves have been crafted from the highest quality local and Japanese pine and are lit by highly efficient track lighting so as to not interfere with concentration.   The center features five circular tables equipped with four chairs each for quiet individual study or group work.  There are also two conference style tables, one with seating up to 16 people on the east side of the room next to the entrance, the other with seating for up to eight students tucked away in the west corner of the center on a platform.  Both conference style tables are perfectly suitable for a full workshop, a tutorial session or for small group, pair work or individual study.  There are also five comfortable tall stools for counter seating set in front of huge French windows facing west, overlooking our beautiful campus and onward to the seaside sites of Luerhmen and the Taiwan Strait beyond.

To offset the earth toned atmosphere the study center also features the latest in technological assistance for our learners.  There are five desktop computers equipped with high speed internet connected to top of the line large computer monitors to minimize eye strain, as well as tens of electrical outlets conveniently located throughout the center on the floor to recharge laptop computers.  The room also has extremely high quality audio speakers for seminars and workshops.

Overall, the new 4th Floor Study Center at CTBC International Academy is an exciting addition to the campus and is well in line with our school’s philosophy of providing open concept modern comfortable environments in which our students can work actively to make plans to achieve their dreams.