Newsletter Week 4

What is it to be an entrepreneur? In last week’s assembly, teacher Florian did a presentation on this topic. He started his presentation with the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of the word “entrepreneur”. The dictionary defines it as “a person who attempts to make a profit by starting a company or operating alone in the business world, especially when it involves taking risks.” Florian first explained the etymology of the word “entrepreneur” which comes from the French language and which means “someone who does things”. From that point of view, he showed that people who do things for money and the ones who do things for free can consider themselves entrepreneurs. To keep it simple, the risks and profits mentioned in the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition can be other than financial.

For Florian, an entrepreneur is someone who is pro-active, someone who tries to come up with solutions to a problem. He took the example of the food delivery companies which started as start-ups. The problem was that people had not the possibility to access a wide range of foods because of the distance and/or the time. These food delivery services came with a solution. They proposed a large choice of food available to order from local restaurants and delivery people to deliver it directly to the customers. So the customers, wouldn’t need to spend time or go far away to get their favorite food. Teacher Florian, also emphasizes that this kind of start-up only needed a computer to code the application and make it work.

Then, Florian encouraged the students to be proactive and try to do things which followed their interests during their spare time. He shared with them his personal experience as an entrepreneur. He talked first about his custom sportswear company that he started in 2014 because his soccer team was struggling to get good-looking uniforms. The financial risks were low as he only had to pay his accountant and his rent. He made a financial profit selling uniforms in Taiwan and also emotional profits as he is proud every time he sees a team wearing uniforms he designed.

Florian also shared about his volunteer work in soccer. He started to coach kids in France, in his hometown soccer club for free to gain experience. Once he moved to Taiwan, he quickly became bored as there was no competition to play and decided to solve this problem by creating a soccer league in Tainan. There were no financial risks by organizing a league as the fees would be shared by the participating teams. After the first edition, the competition got bigger and media started to cover it. For the second edition, in 2012, at that time Tainan Mayor, Lai ChingTe even came to do the competition kick-off. Florian profited from his volunteer work on several points. He was glad, to see every week people enjoying playing football. He also got reported several times in the news and got contacted by TVs to participate in TV shows and movies. And as conclusion, Florian was called to be one of the coaches for the National Chinese Taipei Football Association under 17 project team.

The message passed to the student was for them to follow their interests and try to create something, even if it is not for money. And that someday, they could benefit from that work.