Newsletter Week 5

CTBC International Academy had the privilege of hosting Mr. Hutchinson this week for a workshop on refining pedagogy. Mr. Hutchinson has established himself as a leader in the education community and has many years of experience as a principal, both in Taiwan and his home country of Canada.

 Since CTBC International Academy is growing larger each year, we relished the opportunity to learn more about approaching the hard issues in education. Mr. Hutchinson’s workshop focused on how teachers can build lessons that fit into a school’s overall philosophy and curriculum. Since CIA is built on western educational ideas, he mentioned ways in which we can utilize this by providing students with unique, individualized challenges during class time.

 Building individualized lessons when you have a class full of diverse learners is the biggest challenge, but there are frameworks with which it is possible. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a great tool to use when building lessons for students, especially young learners. Making sure students can demonstrate skills at each of the levels provides a clear and concise way of not only evaluating student progress but also stimulating attention.

 While wrapping up the workshop, Mr. Hutchinson wanted to stress the importance of not being “teachers” but of becoming “educators”. Being a teacher is showing and instructing; skills many people have and can apply in the class. Being an educator is not only about those skills, but being able to refine and inspire a student’s character and values. Many thanks to Mr. Hutchinson for sharing his wealth of knowledge.