Newsletter Week 8

Here at CIA, we are always striving to help our students become the best they can be.  This involves a low teacher-to-student ratio, plenty of opportunity to interact with instructors and administrators and lots of arts and sports.  Students can express themselves in the classroom during academic pursuits as well as on the tennis court or with a musical instrument.  We cater to all aspects of school life to keep students engaged and on-track.

Our most recent addition to the campus is the squash court.  Squash is a taxing sport which provides a powerful workout.  Surely the students will enjoy it, particularly those with experience in badminton and tennis.  Some say it is the most demanding of all the racket sports.  The squash court opening comes on the heels of opening our baseball field.  A field of official dimensions and a great venue for any game.

The drive to provide is evidenced in not just our tailored studies but also the opportunities in game play.  We feel these environments help with student development in communication and interpersonal skills.  We promote fair play and great sportsmanship.  Winning and losing is a part of life and focusing too much on either diminishes the benefits of playing. To make and maintain friendships as well as to push oneself and others beyond what was formerly thought possible and to celebrate the outcome.  Our students have given and continue to give great cause for celebration.