Newsletter Week 9

On last Friday’s assembly, Tim Greenwood visited us and presented a humorous quiz on the differences between US & UK culture and English language. Mr. Greenwood is actually the manager of UKEAS (United Kingdom Education Advisory Service) Tainan office. He graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies University of London in 1993 with a bachelor degree in Chinese. After some language teaching experiences in England and Taiwan, he joined UKEAS in 1997 and has been running the Tainan office ever since. His role is to ensure that students wanting to study in the UK receive the information, advice and support they need to achieve their goal. The quiz started with some celebrities such as Churchill, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and Shakespeare… Students having to tell who is from UK and who is from the US. The winner of the quiz was gifted a Starbuck voucher. The second part of the quiz was about food specialties, Fish & Chips, Scone, Tacos, Meat pie, Pumpkin pie, Hotdog… Can you tell which ones are from UK and which ones are from the US? After the food part, the quiz focused on sports in order to burn calories. Is rugby from UK or the US? How about American football? Cricket? Hockey? Baseball? And “real” football? In the next part, Tim showed the students dollars, pennies and pounds to see if they knew which currency was from the UK or the US. After the differences, Mr. Greenwood briefly talked about the similarities between these two countries. The first one being the usage of the English language even though differences can be found in the accent, pronunciation, or even spelling. He then mentioned that both were democracies, that the population of both countries was diverse ethnically and racially, that the trials were by jury, that the society and institutions were based on Christian values, that both countries care a lot about freedom, such as freedom of religion, speech, press… and that people in US and UK shop in supermarkets. Some more differences between UK and the US, students had to guess which photo belonged to which country:
  • UK has a prime minister while US has a president.
  • American football VS “real” football (soccer).
  • In the US, the police are armed while in the US the police are unarmed.
  • Private health care and education in the US VS Public health care and education in the UK.
  • American are louder and more friendly while the British are more quiet and introverted.
  • American are more religious than the British.
  • Food portions are generally larger in the US than in the UK.
  • Americans usually dress in a more casual way while the British dress in a more formal way.
Our students actively and happily participated to the quiz and won many coupons!