Newsletter Week 10

All of the wonderful faculty here at CTBC International Academy spend a lot of time making sure our students have they need in order to succeed. Seeing the students flourish as a direct result of this effort induces immense joy and fulfillment in our staff. Watching students mature and thrive under the watchful eye of a caring teacher warms the heart, no matter which hemisphere you live on. That is why CTBC International Academy invests in their teachers. Fostering teacher skills is just as important as the habits and attitudes they instill in their students. Dedicated professional development sessions are the benchmark for any school’s investment in teaching quality. The classroom is a fast-paced environment; the list of skills that are advantageous for students entering university grows every year and thus the bag of tools teachers carry with them to help students must also grow.

Professional development is the method to help grow those tools. At CIA, they help students apply for studies abroad, but most, if not all, programs require an English competency score from a certification organization like IELTS or TOEFL. To help students prepare for these exams, teachers administer mock English certification exams twice per semester and in order to give the students the most accurate feedback possible, teachers need to be familiar with the various marking schemes each test employs. On April 27th, long time IELTS examiner Richard Hudson was invited to our campus to discuss how to evaluate IELTS writing tasks.

During the session, teachers took a deep dive into the rubric of the writing tasks finding all the markers required for a band 3, 4, 5 and above. The professional insight Mr. Hudson provided will undoubtedly aide teachers when assessing mock exams for the students. This session was just one of multiple ways CTBC teachers can hone their craft and bring students one step closer to achieving their goals.