Newsletter Week 11

On Friday, April 22nd, CTBC International Academy was very fortunate to have firefighter Jojo visit the school to deliver a comprehensive first aid seminar and workshop for the benefit of the entire school.  It turned out to be an incredible opportunity for our students to understand their role in keeping themselves and others safe through a highly interactive and hands-on training session. 

Everyone should learn essential first aid skills, particularly young people who are often the first responders in emergency situations. More lives could be saved if those first on scene were trained in administering first aid.  First aid prepares teachers and children to treat injuries which may occur through security incidents or accidents. Students and teachers are excellent first aiders and train their peers around them. They bring these skills back to their families and communities.

For one student ,  劉亮穎 Emily, the session was an excellent opportunity to learn and she had very positive feedback to give:  “I can still remember that day, it was a harvest day. He taught us several simple bandage ways if suddenly encountered someone injured. Initially, he just taught and propagated the slides. Then, we got the chance to do some practical drill which we had learned from the slides. I would say the firefighter, he was pretty nice and conscientious on every step when we were practicing. After 5pm he was likewise staying for a while and asked me if I wanted to learn more. Overall, I think this sort of injury prevention course is necessary for students like us to take, though, only learned a few basic methods.  “

During the session at CIA, Emily and her colleagues practiced treating small injuries such as sprains and scratches and even a fracture. Some of the teachers have asked students to present some first aid techniques to their classmates. 

First aid does not only make schools safer — but it can also empower children as a form of education in itself.   Children must be able to prevent, identify and avoid risks during their daily lives. They should be aware of road safety rules, identify hazards at home or school, or in their community and in their environment and how to respond to an emergency, incident or accident.

        It is easy to see from the photos below how Jojo’s nice and conscientious nature and calm temperament helped encourage all of our students to fully participate and get the most out of the session to not only help themselves in case of injury, but also their peers.