Newsletter Week 13

Hello to all, from us here at the CTBC International Academy.  Our school continues to grow and evolve, building on our successes and that’s a lot to build on.  This semester we have started working with elementary school kids.  Comparing where they were when they started with us in February and where they are now in their development is very gratifying for our team of highly skilled educators who teach, coach, and inspire them every day.  We would like to add, their progression is more than just a little inspiring to us.

This brings me to this past Saturday, May 14.  We had an information session for parents and their children to show them what we do at this bilingual school and how we do it.  The word must be out about our wonderful facility and (ahem) amazing staff because even though the weather was atrocious, we had around 20 excited learners and their parents show up.

After the educational presentation and tour by both local and foreign staff, detailing the many top of the line facilities and the environment they are in, the parents were amazed with what we have to offer.  “No other school can compete,” was evoked a few times. 

Next, came the interviews of both the parents and students.  This was done one on one with each set of parents to clearly explain our methodologies as we are not like other schools.  The students were interviewed by the foreign English teachers to get a good understanding of their English level so that they can be placed in the class most suitable to their needs.  This begins the process of admittance.  If all parties involved; the parents, teachers and administration agree that this student is a good match for this school, he/she is welcomed with open arms and the staff will do everything to help them achieve all they can with a smile on their face.  Instilling confidence mentally, physically and socially. 

We know that a school is only as good as the students that come out of it.  We have a vested interest in your child’s learning and development.  We care about our future and theirs.