Newsletter Week 12

Here at CTBC International Academy, there are many different projects and initiatives going on to advance our community in many varied ways. Of course, as an institution for education, classes and lessons are a top priority. However, sometimes it is good to focus on more practical skills. CIA has held seminars on college applications, writing personal statement, and even invited speakers from schools to address the students in the past. This week, though, was a little different. This week focused on the students’ safety. This week the students practiced Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

CPR is a skill that someone can use to keep the heart beating and oxygen flowing to a person’s body while waiting for paramedics to arrive. In English, this is often called ‘first responding’ and it can save a life to know how to do it. This provides the best opportunity for ‘second responders’ like EMTs and Firefighters a better chance to save those lives.

So, CIA invited a speaker from a fire rescue station in Tucheng to come to the school to speak to the students about the subject. He not only spoke to them about what CPR is and what it does but also gave practical lessons on how to perform the rescue maneuver.

Short and simple, CPR involves compressing the injured person’s chest in order to cause their heart to beat. It requires a lot more strength than you might imagine. Alternating with these compressions, the first responder would need to tilt the injured person’s head back to open their airway and breath into their mouth. This forces air into the lungs. Repeating the compressions then allows the blood to circulate and distribute the air to the body. This is a vital and important practice to be familiar with and we are glad to be able to provide it to our students.

Well, and, the students were able to learn about and practice this live-saving skill in a relaxed and familiar environment. As the teacher’s supervised the lesson, several students were enjoying the lesson and having fun practicing the skill on the dummies.

In the future, we hope to continue to provide more such practical lessons to the students so that they can not only become excellent scholars but also good citizens and contributing members of society.