Newsletter Week 14

As another school year draws to a close, many of our students are preparing to receive their high school diplomas. They have all been preparing for several weeks to make this graduation ceremony a memorable event.

It all started with the graduation photo shoot to immortalize this once in a lifetime event.

Students and teachers have been writing congratulatory messages on the graduating students’ graduation cards making sure they keep a memory of them before heading to the next chapter of their lives.

In recent weeks, it is not uncommon to see our grade 12 students practicing music and dance during their free time in the school lobby. Yesterday after class, the sound of two guzheng echoed in the school grounds. Our students were practicing as they will perform a duet during the ceremony which is happening this Saturday. One day before, it was in the morning that three of our violinists (Sirius, Joy and Lynn) shared the sweet melody of their musical instruments throughout the school. No doubt that they will deliver an outstanding performance.
The 2022 CIA’s graduation ceremony will assuredly be musical! In addition to the guzheng duet and the violin trio, Ashley will be singing and playing guitar. She has been practicing every day in order to produce a song without a false note.

Music is good, but music accompanied by dance is even better! One side of our school lobby’s wall is entirely covered by mirrors. It makes it an ideal place to practice dancing! This is indeed where our students decided to practice their group dancing choreography. They have been rehearsing during lunch breaks and after class mostly.

After a last rehearsal on Friday 20th, we are sure that our students are ready. We are all very excited to participate in the ceremony and hope our graduates will keep a great memory of the time they spent at the school!