Newsletter Week 16

Final Exam Week at CIA International Academy

Time to recall what we have learned

Week 16 at CIA International Academy is final exam week, so students have been extremely busy studying either remotely or in person.  Final exam week is always an exciting time in a student’s life.  It is a chance to actively recall what we have learned and take pride in being able to show the world our level of mastery in both skills and knowledge, and a chance to sneak a quick peek at our near future after the texts have finished.   Sometimes, though, test stress doesn’t feel like the best stress.

Examinations are most of the time nerve cracking to very many people. It is not uncommon for people to have uncontrolled tensions build up during exams especially if they had performed poorly in their past examinations. One tip is to change your thinking if you start to get nervous.  If you feel your heart rate rising, your palms sweating and an anxious feeling building up in your stomach on test day, don’t worry.  It means that you care about how you are about to do on the test.  Change your point of view from ‘This test is really making me nervous!’ to ‘This test is making me excited to do my best!”

Go through the following ideas, as they may be great to help you as a high school student, and be able to face exams with great courage.

Make a schedule
The first step is making a good schedule that is feasible and trying to do your best to stick to it. Make sure you start as far in advance as possible to create enough time for revisions. Study the exam timetable and note the dates and times set for each exam. Also figure out the number of days you got until the exam date and with that information, make your own study schedule. This will enable you to know how much time you can allocate to study for each paper comfortably. Then decide how much time you will need to study each day, putting into account normal school work, relaxing time and social time. Most importantly make sure you have some review time of each subject the night before its exams.

Leave the best for last
Most students enjoy learning and perform better on certain subjects than others. If you are a student in this category, always make your schedule in a way that the subjects that you view as hard come in your first sessions when your mind is still fresh. And let your favorite subjects come last during your sessions. This will make you balance your studies between subjects.

The best study method
There is no specific best study method, but the 3R (Read-Recite-Review), is always viewed fit and effective for most subjects. This makes sure that you really understand and actively remember during exams.

Make a sample final
After going through all subjects and reviewing them thoroughly, make your own sample final. This helps you think and estimate what the teachers might ask, as well as the topics that the teacher might emphasize on. This is also the best time to review past questions from past papers that may cover the same topics that your finals will focus on.