Newsletter Week 18

The semester is winding down and the students and staff are starting to go into ‘summer mode’.  A lot of work was done.  A lot of tests written and corrected.  Teachers here have a sense that many students feel good about their performance this year.  Now, while there is always room for improvement, it is still good to celebrate victories even if they weren’t as big as you dreamt they would be.  It is time to reflect on accomplishments and analyze one’s methodology so as to have a better outcome next time while being grateful for the advances and improvements that were made.

        We also had a few visitors come back to visit us.  A few of our alumni, former students who have finished up their semester, away or abroad, return home to Taiwan and often return ‘home’ to us at the school to check in and see how we are doing and share their stories of success and embarrassment (there’s always one or two). 

It’s great to see their bright faces and we really appreciate them taking the time to come and ask, “How have you been?”  This says a lot about the environment that we have cultivated here.  How we push our students to do better while encouraging them to realize that they can.  It’s a lot like family here at times, pushing and caring, especially now with our elementary school program beginning in earnest this September. It’ll seem like the whole family is here with all the kids laughing and learning.