In CIA, we focus on developing the artistic sensitivity of each pupil. Hence, everyone should learn to play at least one musical instrument. Furthermore, cultivating an appreciation for the arts is what we truly care about. Therefore, we arrange musical performances for our pupils on a regular basis. Our students will carry these great experiences with them for life.



“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility.” In CIA, we spend a great deal of time working on hands-on projects. Our kids enjoy spending time making and learning. It is such a wonderful experience.



Field trips are one of the most important activities in CIA humanity classes. We believe the best way for pupils to learn is to take them outside of the class and ask them to build their own projects with their own hands based off the knowledge gained in class.



Johannes Kepler used mathematics to model his observations of the planets. In CIA, we want our pupils to apply the knowledge of mathematics in every direction. Ultimately, we expect them to find the joy of learning through an active learning approach.



Our approach to English teaching is not confined to walls of the classroom. Our unique environment encourages students to maintain close relationships with English teachers throughout the school day. Open, comfortable spaces combined with a student-centered curriculum is how we foster growth within each student.



Exercising regularly has many benefits for your body and brain. Plus, engaging in sports is one of the most valuable interpersonal activities students can do. We want our pupils to excel in at least one sport and use it as a tool to be liaised with others.