The middle school program is designed around the natural enthusiasm of students. We strike a balance between the social-emotional well-being of adolescents and the academic vigor that is delivered by our middle school experts. The goal is to prepare our students not just for upper school but for whatever comes next by helping them become more independent, adaptable, and resilient, both as learners and as people.

CIA is a close-knit community of learners. The day intentionally begins with students in their homerooms, small groups of 7-9 students with one teacher, all building positive relationships and discussing meaningful topics around wellness. We want our students to benefit from individualized instruction, and our faculty is attuned to the unique developmental needs of students of this age. Homeroom teachers at each grade level work as a team under the guidance and supervision of the team leaders and counselors to provide relevant and engaging content. At the end of the day, we want our students to have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and to be proud of their hard work. Middle school students sign the Character Code that aligns with the CIA values of honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, and courage.

The academic program is designed to expand our students’ horizons. All of our courses challenge them to make the critical links between subject areas. Along with core classes in English, history, and science, we offer 11 levels of math to meet all student needs as well as multiple levels of Mandarin, Spanish, and Latin/Greek. We also offer students new challenges through experiential settings such as our week-long Camp Taiwan trips in the fall.

Our electives program offers a further mix of classes such as drama, debate, and robotics. In addition, all students participate in a performing arts class during each year of middle school. Our after school co-curricular program includes a vast array of additional activities. Middle school clubs are all sponsored by middle school teachers and include over 20 different activities that allow students to further explore their interests in such things as the Middle School musical, Math Counts, Model UN, and VEX EDR. Many of these clubs include traveling for competitions. With four seasons of after school athletic teams to choose from as well, our students have innumerable opportunities to learn, grow and shine.