Culture Hub​

To our pupils, this place means the world to them. Like the name itself, here is like a culture hub to them. Every year, we celebrate Easter, Halloween, Chirstmas and so many countless events here. It holds all the joyful and happy memories.

Brunch Spot

At CIA, we want to create a learning enviornment where you can “rest and learn everywhere”. Brunch Spot is located right outside of learning space. We want our kids understand that learning happens everywhere.  We just want to remind our pupils: “Hey, there’s another place for you to learn.”


This is where our pupils run around. During breaktime, they hang out here chatting, playing soccer or skateboarding. It’s as comfy as the back yard at home. 

Study Bungalow

This is the office space that feels like home. Through Cabin Built-In design plus the natural lighting, our pupils enjoy spending time here during self-study session.


We successfully broke the boundries and brought cheerful vibes back in this room by applying soft spot lights along with silk texture wooden furnitures. This comfy space truly transformed into the ideal rendez-vous location for our kids and the mentors.

Art Workshop

Every single piece of the wooden-crafted furniture you’ve seen at CIA is made from our Art Workshop. Our Executor and carpenter discussed and designed every single detail then turned them into actual pieces. “Hands-on” is not a slogan. In CIA, we act on it.

Executor's Office

This is where our executor works and meets visitors. The room is facing the center of the Amphitheater, from which he can always come out and see how our pupils are doing. The connection between him and the kids is built so easily.


When I sit here, I seem to hear the tunes of <Children’s Corner> composed by Debussy. The long wooden crafted patio embrace the entire Amphitheater; by simply sitting here make your thoughts go wild. 


For our pupils, this is not only the garden for chatting and swinging, but also like an on-campus housing to them. It has 3 floors. 1st floor is like a living room, a kitchen and a garden but also considered as a platform. On the 2nd floor, it has a small room for overlooking the 1st floor. On the 3rd floor, it has a private room which oversees the prairies. Why don’t you bring a book and spend some quality time up here? 

Tree House

This is where our pupils experience the 5 Senses.The grant patio under the giant banyan tree creates an easy access to stay close to the tree. We do yoga or lie on the patio to look at the treetop. We play chess at the room next door, then go up to the 2nd floor listen to wind moaning, birds twittering and leaves rustling. 

STEM Learning space

Unlike most of the schools, we do not have fixed classrooms for each subject.  We have 5 major classrooms for our teachers and pupils to use. Each classroom has a set of projector and computer installed. There is one room got white board wall installed at the back. Each teacher can choose whether they want to teach in class or outside of the classroom, it’s optional and casual. Most importantly, we want our kids understand that learning happens everywhere, “Education should not be confined to the classroom, instead, it should go beyond the campus.” 

Humanity Learning space

We call them multi-purpose rooms. Once the dividers are folded, 2 classrooms can be merged into 1 big room. The space is big enough to hold all the pupils and teachers. When a special occasion is upon us, such as assembly or guest speakers visit,  we always use this room, .