K-G9 teacher 

To match the demands of our growing school, CTBC International School in Tainan City is looking for native English speakers to fill kindergarten, elementary, and junior high teaching positions beginning in February 2023.
Eligible teachers must have a passport from a country that the Taiwanese government recognizes as an English speaking country.
Date: contract begins February 1, 2023
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Teaching hours: negotiable
Wage: negotiable- based on qualifications and experience. The school’s policy is that each employee’s wage is confidential. Therefore, it cannot be posted here.
Yearly Bonuses: Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, Chinese New Year
Subjects: English, history, science, business, math, reading, language arts, etc. (dependent on teacher’s interest, qualifications, and experience)
Student age: Kindergarten or Grade 1-9 at CTBC International Academy (CIA). Both the kindergarten and CIA share the same campus
Class size: Approximately 10-15 at the elementary school and junior high. Maximum of 15 at the kindergarten.
Semester length: 2 semesters of 18 weeks
Paid Holidays: Summer break-3 weeks, Spring break-1 week, Chinese New Year-typically about 2 weeks
Other: Teacher may be asked to do a summer camp but will be paid an additional hourly wage
Facilities: teachers are welcome to use the school’s golf driving range, basketball courts, tennis courts (currently under construction), gym, weight room, and cafeteria
ARC: offered if you are holding at least a Master’s degree
Please send CV to cia@office.ctbc.edu.tw for further details

Tel:  +886-6-287-2300
E-mail: cia@office.ctbc.edu.tw