Students at CTBC International Academy (CIA) are required to learn an instrument and play in the school orchestra. Students learn creativity and self-expression through music study. Music study is also a challenge that requires hard work and years of dedication. These skills allow students to succeed well beyond high school, but also impart a love of music and the ability to enjoy a life-long relationship with music performance.


Students at CIA have a unique opportunity to collaborate to create stories and content with International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT). Students learn how to write, edit, and record content made for radio, podcasts, and TV. Students who create quality content are able to listen to their content played out nationwide on the radio. This real world writing and production experience allows students to apply writing and reading skills and further develop creativity, critical thinking skills, and a positive work ethic. This is a challenging program, and a great example of how CIA prepares students to be future leaders.

Student Clubs, Community Service, and Athletics

Students at CIA have many different opportunities to participate in clubs and activities outside of the classroom. From robotics, to intramural sports, to community service opportunities, there are many opportunities for students to continue to grow and develop during their time at the upper school. Participation in one or more clubs is required, and teachers work to connect students with the clubs most appropriate for them based on their interests and required areas of growth.