Mark Fergus
  • Bachelor of Arts – History from Okanagan University College – Canada

  • Moreland University –  Teacher Preparation Certificate Program

  • Elementary education with valid Washington D.C. teacher’s license

  • Reading, English, and Phonics

  • Soccer, Student Athletics

  • English Teacher, Elementary School …2016 – 2022
    Baoren Elementary School – Tainan, Taiwan
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher …2004 – 2016
    Joy English and Happy Lion English – Tainan, Taiwan

Mark has 18 years of experience teaching in Taiwan, spending the majority of that time educating elementary school children with whom he feels the most passionate about teaching. He feels that students must enjoy their time in the classroom to get the most out of the instruction given by teachers, while at the same time be adequately challenged to keep interested in the class. Along with addressing the key points of a lesson, Mark strives to provide supplementary information about Western culture and history to give students a more rounded education and hopefully help them retain what they have learned. He stresses that students speak English in class, be polite, follow rules, and be diligent learners- skills that will follow them throughout their academic careers.