John Wilmott


Teaching Subjects:English, Health/Nutrition, Social Studies

  • Diploma in Business and Computer Studies at College of the North Atlantic
  • Studied Holistic Nutrition at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 
  • Sunflower Language School, English Instructor – 16 years
  • Farming in Newfoundland, Ca – 4 years
  • Nutritional Consultant – 4 years
  • Software Developer – 4 years

John studied computer programming in college and eventually moved on to teaching in Taiwan.  There while teaching, John became very interested in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese system of foods.  Unable to read or write Chinese, John decided to do the next best thing and study Holistic Nutrition (in English) through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s distance education department.  Learning the importance of food, John partnered with a high school friend back in John’s hometown to develop an organic farm.  Teaching in Taiwan in the winter and farming in the Summer taught John a lot.  However, both demanded more of his time so John decided to teach full time in Taiwan and play in the dirt on the weekends.

John loves Taiwan; the people, food, and weather and finds teaching very enriching.  He is also very personable and appreciates the work Taiwanese students put in to their English studies and will stop whatever he is doing to provide guidance to a student having trouble.