Ever since the establishment of CTBC International Academy, we have devoted our best to our meals which aim to achieve hygiene, nutrition and healthy life styles.

The concerns include 1) Nutritional Balance 2) Student Consumption 3) Preparation and Cooking Time Needed 4) Amount for all 800 people including College Department. The central kitchen offers meals four times a day, including breakfast from 06:00 – 10:00; lunch from 12:00 – 13:30; snacks at 15:00 and dinner from 17:00 – 18:30.

We dedicate our best to the preparation of our meals and we care about health very much. Therefore, we are very particular about the water and oil. In terms of water, it comes from the drinking water system, and it can be drunk directly. Next, all the oil we use has passed the national standard and comes from a trustworthy source. We use sunflower oil to pan-fry the vegetables and the cost is 35% more than average restaurants. Additionally, to get rid of pesticides, chefs will wash produce many times and rinse them with running water.

After the snack in the afternoon, chefs have to clean all stoves, range hoods, walls and even drains. Although all the equipment is carefully washed every day, it still needs sterilization. For that reason, every Friday at 15:00, all kitchen staff will focus on cleaning the kitchen with bleach.

CTBC International Academy conducts all details to perfection on a daily basis. This applies to not just the curriculum and architecture but also our meals. We believe our students can grow up happily and contently.


學校供應餐點的考量包括:(1)營養的均衡 (2)食用的狀況、回收多寡 (3)烹煮及供應時間 (4)含大學部全校近800人的分量。中央廚房每天供應四次餐點,6:00 – 10:00早餐,12:00 – 13:30午餐,15:00下午點心,17:00 – 18:30晚餐。

在製備過程中我們非常用心,例如我們十分重視身體健康,因此對於水質、油品的選用,也相當嚴格。廚房中餐飲用水是由中央飲水系統直接接管到廚房的,水質亦是在教室內孩子們可直接飲用的水。 通過政府合格檢驗,來源可靠的「葵花油」,是我們炒菜的主要油品;過油部分則是沙拉油。每日用油成本較一般行情提高35%。廚師每天洗菜過程除了多次清洗,再用流動水漂洗,以除掉可能的殘餘農藥。



舒適、明亮的用餐環境 Bright and Comfortable Cafeteria

營養均衡的餐點 Nutritional Meals

專業的中央廚房 Professional Central Kitchen