6.Justin Chiu

Justin Chiu - G12

Greetings everyone, I am Justin Chiu. I first started playing the violin in 1st grade and joined the orchestra in my elementary school. I enjoy performing with others a lot. When I heard there is an orchestra in CIA, I eagerly joined. I believe that playing music is an ability that stays with you for life, and performing with a group of other talented musicians is one of the most rewarding and fascinating moments you can ever experience in your lifetime. The whole experience is surreal; it’s hard to put into words. With different instruments, notes, and rhythms in sync, the orchestra produces the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard, which is why I love the orchestra so much.

Janet Chen - G12

My name is Janet Chen. Since I was a junior high school student, I have joined the orchestra, and I can play the euphonium, the tuba, the trombone, and the trumpet.  My junior high school’s orchestra only included brass instruments, and euphonium is the first instrument I learned. Before I graduated from junior high, I learned how to play the tuba. I started playing the trombone after joining the CIA orchestra because there isn’t euphonium in our school. Additionally, I learned how to play the trumpet because of my interest. The most significant difference from junior high school is that there are string instruments in CIA’s orchestra. I started to get to know more about unfamiliar instruments.

Vivian Chang- G12

I am Vivian Chang. Since I was a little child, I have shown plenty of interest in music. Luckily, my mom always encouraged me to try everything I was interested in. That’s why I had learned many instruments such as the violin, the piano, and the ukulele. However, I am aware that persistence is the key to success. I realized that since I learned to play so many instruments, I wasn’t good at any of them until I started learning Guzheng. One day, I took a stroll in a park, and I heard some incredibly delightful music. It was my first encounter with this Chinese wide board with 21strings. I was craving learn it.  Now, I have learned it for almost two years and I can play and instruct Guzheng myself. Is that hard? No, I never feel constrained by time to improve myself because CIA allows us to manage our time freely.

Jssica Wang - G12

My name is Jessica Wang. I am in Grade 12 now. I have been learning the violin for three years since I joined CIA. It’s my third year learning it.  Because of CIA, I started to learn to play the violin and attended the CIA orchestra. CIA recruits the best musical instructors to teach the students. All of the students need to learn at least one instrument before graduation. Now I can play so many songs. Thank you, CIA

Sirius Lien - G11

My name is Sirius Lien. I am in Grade 11 at CIA. I have been learning the violin for five years. After joining CIA, I now have more time to practice the violin, because students here are allowed to schedule their timetable, which is terrific! I also learned a lot of new skills from my teachers. Honestly, I love practising the violin, and I enjoy every moment of playing it.

Doris Shih - G11

Greetings everyone, I am Doris Shih. I have been playing the cello since I was fourteen years old. I joined CIA during high school. CIA provides me with one-on-one cello lessons which has helped me improve my cello skills steadily. I always feel peaceful and joyful when I play cello. Therefore, I joined the CIA orchestra, which I can perform with others and experience the joy of music.