Hi, I am Allen. I am a senior student in CIA. I learned so much in CIA that I couldn’t learn from traditional high schools. First is to build a relationship with others. In traditional high schools, the students can only learn in class, and there is hardly any time for them to play or talk to each other. However, we have plenty of time playing, studying and discussing with others in CIA because our teachers pay great attention to group discussions and hands-on projects. Second, we are allowed to learn what we want to learn here. The teachers here are simply brilliant, and they teach lots of dynamic subjects that you won’t be able to learn in traditional high schools. Overall, studying in CIA helped me improved significantly in so many ways, and I’ve found new interests through active learning approaches.


My name is Yun-Lin Gu, and I’m in grade 12. Studying in CIA is interesting because I get to do what I genuinely want to accomplish. Last year, I published a book and a magazine. It was my very first time getting my words published and becoming a “published writer”. I was thrilled, and I learned a lot from that. This experience empowered me to not compromise on my dreams.


Hello everyone, I am Kevin Chen. I am a senior in CIA. I lived in Canada for four years, and now I am back in Taiwan. I am a very open-minded person; I enjoy travelling and learning new things. I am good at skateboarding, painting and free diving. Studying in CIA allows me to learn independently and actively. I truly enjoy spending time here.


My name is Porter Jian. I’m a senior student in CIA. My hobbies are playing the guitar and listening to music. When it comes to my talent, I will say that I am good at giving a public speech. I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others and believe public speaking is the way to do it. I enjoy studying in CIA. It brings me unprecedented freedom I couldn’t have had in the past schools I’ve been to. I love it here.