Mission And Vision

At CTBC International Academy (CIA), students follow their unique pathway in life. Through active participation in a challenging and stimulating environment; students grow and explore, both within an academic setting and outside of it. With a small class size, teachers are able to assess and assist students on an individual basis. Students benefit from a multi-faceted approach to learning: blending academics, arts, athletics, and service-learning opportunities. A CIA graduate is a capable young adult, confident and able to contribute and make a difference in our ever-changing world.


CIA strives to establish a learning environment that promotes creativity, camaraderie, and problem-solving skills through a diverse and challenging educational environment.



CIA will graduate talented, competent individuals prepared to make a valuable contribution to society based upon the attitudes and skills they acquire throughout their educational experiences.

CIA’s core values consist of inclusivity, patience, solicitude and respect. These values lead to the real adaptive learning and student-centred approach. Our pupils discover their passion for learning through teamwork activities and hands-on projects. Ultimately, we want our pupils to have these three abilities: The ability to express, to survive, and to learn.