CIA’s core values consist of inclusivity, patience, solicitude and respect. These values lead to the real adaptive learning and student-centred approach. Our pupils discover their passion for learning through teamwork activities and hands-on projects. Ultimately, we want our pupils to have these three abilities: The ability to express, to survive, and to learn.


Self-study session

Considering the development of each pupil’s independent and active learning, our curriculum designers added self-study sessions to the curriculum structure. This curriculum plan is an ultimate experimental educational plan developed by the CIA team, and it is the key to holistic education.

Hands-on Projects and Language Courses

At CIA, our teachers spend a multitude of time working with the pupils on projects. We believe the best way for pupils to learn is to take them outside of the classroom and ask them to build their own projects with their own hands based on the knowledge gained in class. “Hands-on” is not just a slogan here. At CIA, we act on it. The same thing goes for the language courses; students start speaking English in the morning, they hang out in the cafeteria with the overseas teachers during the lunch break, and they discuss the assessments and questions with the overseas teachers at the study bungalow. Like sponges, our pupils are wholly soaked in the environment of language-learning.


Inclusive Education

Educational equity is what we really care about. The establishment of CIA is designed to build a comfortable and open learning organization for pupils to join. We are glad to introduce this upfront educational system to the parents and the pupils in Taiwan. Pupils aged 13 to 18 with different educational backgrounds or experiences are very welcomed to join us.

Immersive Learning

At CIA, our kids enjoy learning so much. Once you walk into CIA, you will soon find our kids practicing musical instruments no matter if it is after class or during their lunch break. You will also see some kids gathered together practicing golf, tennis, or even watching an English movie or reading a novel together. The true immersive learning is silently planted in the hearts of our pupils. No kind reminder needed, our kids want to learn eagerly and do so automatically. Additionally, CIA arranges fantastic events and activities for our pupils to participate in, such as micro study tours and English camps. There is even an ICRT Tainan station located on the CIA campus! Students can always find some time to take a tour there, enjoy the fun of broadcasting, and of course, have lots of English speaking opportunities!

Constructive Comments

Unlike most schools determining the learning capability by grading, CIA does not apply the rank-order grading system. Instead, our teachers evaluate the learning capability of each pupil by providing constructive comments. This method can actually help our pupils to improve and get better in a more tailored way.