In CIA, we focus on developing the artistic sensitivity of each pupil. Hence, everyone should learn to play at least one musical instrument. Furthermore, cultivating an appreciation for the arts is what we truly care about. Therefore, we arrange musical performances for our pupils on a regular basis. Our students will carry these great experiences with them for life.


Science study is a remarkable avenue to exploring the world. At CTBC International Academy, students apply science learning to improve their world. Active participation in the science labs allows students to fully understand the scientific concepts presented in class. Risk-taking and creative problem solving are key components of our science program. The next generation faces key challenges to our issues. Scientific study, paired with English, Humanities, and Mathematics prepares students to leave school with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to improve our world ethically and sustainably.


Studying the humanities is crucial to becoming a model citizen in our ever-changing world. Through ethical questions raised and discussed in the study of history, students develop a clear understanding of current issues and the role each may play as they become the leaders of tomorrow. At CTBC, students grow and develop not just through study, discussion, and writing, but also through community service. While participating in community service, individuals better understand the complexities of society and how participation can truly make a difference.


At CTBC International Academy, students use mathematics to solve everyday problems and learn about their world. Students quickly learn that it is not simply the acquisition of mathematics skills that is Important, but rather the application of these skills while analyzing and synthesizing information . The study of Mathematics pairs well with humanities study as students are driven to answer “How can we use Mathematics to make a positive impact on our world?”


The mastery of English is a major benefit in the modern world. CTBC International Academy focuses on the acquisition of reading, writing, and speaking skills through the study of literature. Working in a collaborative and supportive environment, students raised through literature. Participants build a foundation of English language proficiency through essay writing. Upon graduation, our graduates are prepared to enter university-level literature class discussions.


Exercising regularly has many benefits for your body and brain. Plus, engaging in sports is one of the most valuable interpersonal activities students can do. We want our pupils to excel in at least one sport and use it as a tool to be liaised with others.