Unlike traditional schools, CIA offers pupils multiple pathways to achieve their academic goals. Our pupils can choose to continue their academics in Taiwan through the Advanced Subjects Test or Talent Selection Procedure arranged by the Taiwan government.

If the pupils want to study abroad, our college counsellor will help him or her to apply for the colleges based off his or her interests as well as guide them along the entire application process.

Our pupils can also choose to study at CTBC Business School. In CTBC Business school, we offer opportunities for the pupils to study abroad as international exchange students. We also arrange lots of internship opportunities with well-respected business organizations.

Students attend CTBC International Academy to prepare to become the next generation of leaders. In order to best assist students to achieve success in life, CIA will assist students to prepare for the academic pathway best suited to their needs.

Students at CIA first and foremost are taught and trained to succeed in any environment. Our core competencies and academic rigor allow for students to thrive at universities overseas and within Taiwan. Counselors and teachers work closely with students and parents to design an educational pathway that is fitting to each student’s academic needs.

Students interested in furthering their study in business are eligible to apply for CTBC Business School. Furthermore, if students show advanced aptitude, maturity, and dedication, they may be allowed to register for introductory university courses while in high school. CTBC Business School allows unique opportunities for students to intern within CTBC Bank as well as in placements throughout the banking and business fields.

Our counselors are well versed to prepare students for their future, and meet regularly with parents and students to discuss their academic progress and plans. Whether your intention is to send your child to universities abroad or within Taiwan, our counselors are prepared to create an academic plan and provide the appropriate support.