Woodworking and tennis are the love of my life. Through passionate and active learning, I found myself craving both activities. The funny thing is, I didn’t master these two skills through the traditional standardized educational system! This experience truly flipped my thoughts on education. There are so many learning and teaching options for our parents and pupils to choose from. However, I believe the best educational system should inspire the pupils to learn actively and create inspirationally.  Once our pupils manage to learn and create independently, these abilities will stay with them for life.

I completed my doctoral degree at the Washington College of Law, American University. While studying there, I always enjoyed biking in Washington D.C. and spent a great deal of time cycling on the Capital Crescent Trail. I was the biggest fan of the AU school tennis team. No matter if the AU school team played the home game or the road game, you always saw me there cheering them on. I also loved wandering in nature. The hiking trails and skyline drive of Shenandoah National Park were where I spent most of my time. As Dr. Edward Osborne Wilson mentioned, “Biophilia is the innate tendency in human beings.” It is our nature to get close to nature. When we were little, we climbed trees and wandered in the wilderness. When we grow up, these memories flash back time after time. We can’t help thinking of the beauty of terra and the wonder of wildness. Owing to this passion for nature, I dedicated myself into the research of sustainable development and biodiversity.

CTBC International Academy (CIA) was established in 2017. We want to break the boundaries and the limitations in teaching and learning, and create a true holistic education for our pupils. As you may know, the current educational system and credentialism prevented our pupils from learning actively, creatively and independently. We really don’t want to see what happened to us repeatedly happen to the next generation. 

CIA core values consist of inclusivity, patience, solicitude and respect. These values lead to the real adaptive learning and student-centered approach. Our pupils discover their passion for learning through teamwork activities and hands-on projects. That’s why you can experience the true student-centered learning approach at CIA. Our pupils can arrange their timetable and choose the curriculum they love, work on a self-study plan with the teachers and the parents, and experience the true meaning of independent learning. Meanwhile, our teachers pay great attention to hands-on projects and group discussions. Take woodworking class as an example. Through knowing the materials, cutting, drilling, polishing, painting and putting pieces together, our pupils not only gained the well-rounded knowledge on wood materials, but also found the order of woodwork production and the passion of handcrafting. Ultimately, our pupils possess a unique taste in arts and a right attitude in life. 

I truly expect CIA to make an impact on our current educational system in Taiwan. After seeing what we do at CIA, I believe you and your child will have a completely different view regarding teaching and learning. “We are the lighthouse, leading the pupils to the pathway of independent and active learning.” I would like to dedicate these words to the pupils at CIA, and I expect them to find the true passion of learning and putting these words into practice in the near future.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chin-Che Cheng